If you are here today, there is a big chance you might be interested in what I have to offer. My recent novel is LOST IN A WILD SEA. It's available on online stores. You can order it via Amazon, Lulu or Okadabooks. EVENFALL is also available in bookstores nationwide. Stay Tuned! Contact me and I will reply within a few minutes.


Married to her brothers’ handsome teacher, Ekogiawe, young, pretty and hardworking Lydia is immediately thrown into the unnerving world of childlessness, betrayal and mockery.
Her hitherto loving husband promptly becomes chauvinistic, amoral and distant. Lonely and almost totally wrecked emotionally, Lydia settles for an unusually sweet child given to her by her heady younger sister. Even this gesture comes with a plethora of challenges.
Undeterred, and resolute to stop being a reference point of pity and scorn, Lydia succumbs to the overtures of her rich, hard-nosed friend, Helen. Together, they set out to conquer the unfathomable and monstrous giant of barrenness.

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Evenfall centers on Omonye who sells her inherited property and sends her husband Lucky overseas, for better prospects. Overwhelmed by his wife’s huge sacrifice, Lucky promises to remain faithful to her, regardless of the temptation he may encounter. His promise of unflinching fidelity is tested when for years, he is unable to have a breakthrough and return to his family as quickly as he had imagined. Soon, he is faced with the choice of deportation or a love affair with Aina, the daughter of an influential sheriff in the U.S.

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